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They are terrified of being irrevocably exposed to the one final truth that they have spent their entire lives avoiding. The one thing that they can never allow to be proven. No matter what it takes to keep this from coming to light….

They are terrified to literal death of their own mediocrity. For decades these old (mostly white) people have been convinced that they are the elite of the world. That they are exceptional and amazing and that this is true no matter what they do, how they were raised, what they have learned. They are the peak of civilization even if they live in a shack in Appalachia. Beyond that, their culture has been steeped in this for more than decades… over two centuries of WASP rule of North America.

But now that’s all crumbling. Tetchy black people or hispanic people or gay people or trans people or asian people or [etc] people are moving to cities and taking over the world with their knowledge and culture. White christians in Bumfuck, Nowheresville (pop. 2,128) are watching as the world leaves them behind. They are watching their own children and grandchildren leave them behind. And they are scared and confused and angry. They would rather burn the entire thing to the ground than let a fucking stupid [insert slur here] marry their daughter and make more money than they did and laugh at the silly old white people who want to keep immigrants out of the country with a wall.

And then this… this man. He says he gets it. He says he understands their pain. He says he will fight these goddamn slurs with fists. He will let them all use their fists. He’s going to bring back the Old Ways. And the Old Ways will purify the land. And then the young slurs won’t laugh any more. They’ll be terrified. Look at them look at each other shiftily. See how those slur-camps make them all scared? My god. This guy is doing what none of us thought was possible. He’s bringing us back to when we were powerful. And the city-whites who side with the slurs and laugh at us for liking farmland and sitcoms are all on TV not knowing what to do. They look… scared? And the Man says we can shout at them! Spit at them. Shake our fists and damn them to hell! They aren’t laughing at our sitcoms now!

And so maybe we’ll build more slur-camps. Maybe we’ll build that Wall and shoot at the people who kept invading our land so we couldn’t make $70,000 a year doing a mindless metal-stamping job at Ford with a high-school degree. This man is going to destroy democracy, sure… but he’s destroying it for us. He’s destroying it and piling up all the good things on our side.

So…. maybe just don’t vote in two weeks, city-folk. I’m sure it will all turn out fine. The Man is just going to roll over and stop, soon. No risk at all to the good ol’ US of A. Everything will be back to normal soon.

it will just be our normal not yours

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