Voting in Oregon

Every state in the Union needs to copy how Oregon does elections. Every person who goes to the DMV that is over the age of 16 to get a drivers license, a state ID, or a drivers permit, is automatically registered to vote. Oregon is an opt-out state, not an opt-in. In addition, two to three weeks before an election, every registered voter receives a ballot in the mail. Prior to this, you will also receive a voters pamphlet that gives you information about every candidate, every measure, and any other entry that you will see on your ballot.

Kerrie and I will vote today by filling out our ballots, putting a stamp on it, and sending it off in the mail. This is how it should be done everywhere. That is unless you don’t want your citizens voting. Or, you’re running for governor as the current secretary of state and you begin purging voters with a target on minorities with disgusting precision. (107,000 purged from Georgia voter rolls) In some areas, conservative groups are trying to mislead voters with bad information. (Conservative political group mailer called “blatant voter suppression”)

Everyone should have easy access to the vote. This “use it or lose it” laws enacted by Republicans in various states have only one thing in mind: get rid of voters. I should back up for a moment and explain that long term use it or lose it is fine. I was still registered to vote in Michigan until recently. They noticed I wasn’t showing up and they sent me a card saying that I needed to reply to show I still lived there. I didn’t live there, so they removed me. This is a valid reason. However, some of these states are removing people after missing a single election. This is heavy handed and not really productive. Skipping an election shouldn’t result in you having to jump through hoops to get it back.

Okay, end of rant. I’m off to vote. Go blue wave!