I Gambled, I lost

When you gamble, sometimes you lose. As I have the tendency to do, I decided to take Ryker to preschool first before I went to get gas and pick up groceries. However, for the first time in my life, I ran out of gas. I straight up coasted down a hill and came to a stop on the side of the road less than a mile from my destination. I was completely floored (but my accelerator wasn’t! Ahaha… sigh). I’m a 38-year old and I allowed myself to kill the car from thirst. I had to get roadside to bring me some fuel. Both kids in the back bouncing around while traffic flew by next to us. At least they had some fun. One of the dumber things I’ve done in a while.

Done With Facebook, Etc.

So I’ve nuked my Facebook account, the social network I used the most. I converted my profile to a page and will be posting from this blog to there now. They used to allow you to post from a blog and allow the script to automatically post it to Facebook. However, with the ongoing problems with the RussiaBot scandal, they banned this feature for profiles. It makes sense, they don’t want bot farms with profiles looking like individuals posting original thoughts. At least if you’re on a Facebook page, you know (or should know) that it may or may not be from real humans. I promise I’m real.